Larry’s Teaching Credentials

For more than 39 years as a strategic marketing, advertising and media professional, Larry has also taught in undergraduate and graduate programs at:

  • The University of Southern California (USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, and Marshall School of Business)
  • California State University, Northridge (CSUN)
  • Loyola Marymount
  • The Advertising Center
  • Pepperdine University (graduate level, five different campuses).
  • He has also been a guest lecturer at UCLA, Graduate School of Television, Film and Digital Media, “Trends in Television and Emergence of Multiplatform Media,” and USC Marshall School of Business.

“At its best, the office is a place where your training and your ego get at least an intermittent chance to shine; where you work with others who, with luck, may include you in a team of motivated, purposeful people combining forces to achieve a goal; where you work for something more than survival alone. In that kind of office, your time is not wasted, your life is not frittered away in eight-hour segments; however trivial the product may be, you are actively furthering your life while earning a living.” — L.E. Sissman (poet, critic, and copywriter)

Larry Londre in front of the Treasure Truck

Larry Steven Londre, with Amazon’s Treasure Truck. Falls under Sales Promotion, one of the eight elements under “Promotion,” “Price,” “Presentation,” and “Product.”

He has received the California State University Ambassadors’ “Polished Apple Award” (2006 and 2008) for teaching, mentoring and inspiring students, the USC Parents’ Association Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring Award (2006), and received the Outstanding Citizen Award (1993) from the Los Angeles City Council.

Marketing Words graphic

Larry’s courses have included:

  • MBAM 659 and MBAM 660: Business Strategies Development, Execution and Implementation (Final, capstone classes in the MBA program at Pepperdine)
  • MBFE 658: Strategic Marketing
  • MKT 653: Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
  • MBAM 619: Business Strategies and Implementation
  • COMM 542: Business Strategies for Entertainment and Communication Companies
  • COMM 541: Integrated Media and Communication Strategies
  • GSBA 528: Marketing Management
  • MKT 440: Integrated Marketing Communications
  • JOUR 340: Introduction to Advertising
  • BUS 307: Marketing Management
  • MKT 304: Marketing Management
  • MKT 100: Conceptual Foundations of American Enterprise

Londre at Loyola Law School again in 2018: His “What is Marketing? What is Advertising” presentation. With the Nine P’s of Marketing, Targeting – “People,” Branding, e-Commerce, Behavior, Promotion and Global Experiences/Examples.”

Frequent guest lecturer in Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Advertising, Business Strategies and Global Marketing & Media:

  • UCLA, Graduate School of Television, Film and Digital Media, “Trends in Television and Emergence of Multiplatform Media”
  • Cal Lutheran, Orange Coast College, Advertising Center
  • Pepperdine University’s Center for Communication and Business
  • USC Marshall » Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies program, and Marshall School of Business
  • USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences, “Principles of Consumer Psychology,” in the Master’s Human Behavior program

Have conducted Marketing and Business Strategies Classes/Seminars/Webinars in USA, China, Hong Kong, Cuba and on the web. The classes, seminars and webinars:

  • “Is A Super Bowl Spot Worth $168,333 A Second? An Analysis of the Eight Components of Promotion and the 9P’s of Marketing,” presentation at Pepperdine’s Seaver College, Business Administration, Communication Division, the Capstone Advertising and Advertising Media/Integrated Marketing Communication classes, February 2017
  • “Power Marketing & Advertising: Planning, Developing and Executing Global Strategies,” Shanghai, China, 2004
  • “Effective & Efficient Marketing, Strategies & Promotions,” California Small Business Success Conferences, Pasadena Conference Center, May 2007
  • “Best Global Marketing Tips, Techniques & Tactics for Marketing Executives in 2011”
  • “Cuba: Insights, Keys and Observations in its Marketing and Advertising” in 2012
  • “Understanding Branding, Blending Push & Pull Strategies, with Integrated and Global Communication Examples”
  • “Global Marketing & Advertising, including Planning, Tips, Tactics and Best Practices.”
  • “Marketing, Branding, Promotion, Advertising, Push & Pull, Integrated Communication & Global Examples,” for American Marketing Association (AMA), CSUN chapter, 2012
  • “Getting an Interview. Landing a Job. Practical, Insightful, Timely Advice and Counsel,” for American Marketing Association (AMA), CSUN chapter, 2013
  • “What You Don’t Know About Marketing & Advertising Can Burn You,” sponsored by the Business Law Society at Southwestern School of Law, 2014
  • “For Experts or Potential Experts: Marketing is Bigger Than Just Advertising, With the Nine P’s of Marketing” at FEWA (Forensic Expert Witness Association) Annual Conference, Courses and Symposium, Expert Witness Marketing & Business Development Summit, April 2015
Larry teaching at Seaver College, September 2018

In September 2018, Londre at Pepperdine’s Seaver College, Business Administration,
Communication Division, the Advertising and Advertising Media class presenting
“Adding Branding, Papa Johns, Bird/Lime, Facebook, Consumer Behavior,
Targeting – “People” & More to my What is Marketing? Promotion? Advertising?”

Larry teaching class

Londre presented “Practical Business Insights into Marketing. It’s more than just Advertising.
Really, with the Nine P’s of marketing” to the Westchester Rotary in October 2014.

Since 2012, Larry Steven Londre volunteering again at Foshay Tech Academy. Be back again in 2015.

Presenting “Planning. Nine P’s of Marketing.
Research. Good Ads, Bad Ads, Creativity & Sales,” January, 2014


Examples: What is Marketing? What is Advertising? Sales Promotion?
I do presentations explaining the differences. Problem solving.


Presenting Your eVitamins, with the 9P’s of Marketing at Pepperdine


For two Integrated Marketing Communications classes at Pepperdine, with blind taste tests,
Londre presenting old and new “Classic” TRIX — “Silly Rabbit, TRIX are for Kids.”