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Thanks from Alison Schmelzer

Thank you so much for presenting to my Oxford High School Sports & Entertainment Marketing classes, Mr. Londre. It was so engaging and intentionally created for them, and we all loved it and learned a lot from it. Thank you for taking your time to help instruct my Marketing classes in Mississippi.

We enjoyed your presentation so much.

Thank you for everything.

Alison Schmelzer
Sports & Entertainment Marketing classes
Oxford High School, Mississippi

Thanks from Lê Anh Tuấn (Anthony)

Re: “Londre’s Insights Into Our Global Marketplaces, with Business Experiences and the 9P’s of Marketing©2007” Presentation at Van Lang University:

Dear Mr. Larry Steven Londre

Thank you so much for your precious time and outstanding effort to share and inspire our students about the 9P’s of Marketing.

This is really great for our students and us to learn a lot of insights, case studies from your expertise.

Last but not least, after the webinar, we hope that we will have more opportunities to invite you (both online and offline) for more activities in the future with Van Lang University, especially with Faculty of Public Relations & Communication.

Bonus: I have attached the images of webinar below. Hope that you will enjoy it.

Thanks from Lê Anh Tuấn (Anthony)
Faculty of Public Relations and Communication
Van Lang University
69/68 Dang Thuy Tram Street, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District, HCM City (Campus 3)

Van Lang University Webinar 9P&rsquos of Marketing Webinare

Thanks from Leslie Aaronson

It is my pleasure to recommend Larry Steven Londre. He is an amazing educator and advocate for others. He has volunteered with my students since 2014.

I met Larry when I was speaking at UCLA and he introduced himself to me and offered his expertise and resources. Since then he has volunteered on multiple occasions over the years to work with high school students on building their career readiness skills.

In addition to his time, he has also reached out to his network to provide additional volunteers to enhance the students’ experience. Larry’s volunteer work has included sharing his career journey, reviewing resumes, and practicing interviewing skills with students.

He is most generous with his time, talents and expertise: sharing his vast experience to students and those he mentors.

He is a great resource and comes with endless energy and expertise.

Leslie Aaronson
Director of Pathway Connections, LA Promise Fund

Thanks from Bryanna Goecke

Dear Larry,

I am so incredibly grateful for all your help throughout my crazy two-year term for Ad Relief. As Treasurer, you have been my right hand these past two years and I truly couldn’t have done it without you. From changing banks, financial advisors and updating the bylaws, to being a mentor to everyone on the board, you have been an integral member of this organization.

We are so lucky to have you.

Thanks for all your time, support and friendship. I really appreciate it.

Bryanna Goecke
President, AdRelief 2018-2020

Thanks from Molly Barry

Thank you, Larry, for your dedication to the executive board of AdRelief, for all these years. I am happy to see you are staying on as a board member.

Molly Barry
Second Vice President, AdRelief

Thanks from Natalie Janett

Dear Mr. Londre,

I wanted to thank you so much for your kind generosity and hosting the SCupper event this last Friday. Thank you for cooking lunch for us, the meal was absolutely delicious! I really appreciate you taking the time to make salad, breaded macaroni, and bake brownies - it was such a treat! It was a pleasure to meet you and your wife, and hear about the wonderful memories you have at USC as a professor and as a student.

You have an incredibly successful marketing career and life all around, and I would incredibly value staying in contact with you.

That was an amazing birthday E-card that you shared with us! I am sure everyone looks forward to receiving one from you each year!

I hope you had a great rest of your weekend.

Thank you again for Friday afternoon; we had a wonderful time!

Natlaie Janett

Host, 2019 Trojan SCuppers mentoring event, celebrating USC’s traditions and transformation, part of USC Alumni Association (USCAA) and Society 52, October 2019
USC’s Scupper Fall 2019

Thanks from USC, Society 53

Hi Larry Steven Londre,

Thank you so much again for having us today! We really appreciated you taking the time to tell us about your experiences and offering us advice moving forward. You made such an incredibly positive impression on us! Your insight has been invaluable, and we all have a lot to think about going forward! Everyone love your SCupper so much that as soon as we got in the Uber, they asked when we would be holding more!

We wanted to personally thank you for hosting such a wonderful SCupper and for taking the time to get to know each of the students. You made us feel welcome not only in your home, but also as a part of the Trojan family. Events like this are the reason I joined Society 53–to help students connect with alumni with extensive experience in their fields as well as immense wisdom in a way that feels natural and warm. Thank you for hosting the best SCupper that I have ever attended.

We sincerely hope this is not the last we will be hearing from you. We wish you and your wife all the best.

Scuppers and Society 53
E. Yin
B.S. Global Health, Keck School of Medicine
Business Law and Science and Management of Biomedical Therapeutics Minors
University of Southern California

Thanks from Elaine Sun

Thank you for the great presentation. I really enjoyed it!

Elaine Sun
J.D. Candidate | Loyola Law School | 2020

Thanks from Timothy C. Gogan

Dear Larry,

It has been such a pleasure to work with you on all of the many Loyola High Reunions, including the 50th this year.

Thank you for all you did to help make our 50th reunion weekend very special.

All the best,
Timothy C. Gogan, D.D.S.

Thanks from Bryanna Goecke

Hi Larry,

As always, thanks for your dedication to Ad Relief! It’s been an honor to serve with you as Treasurer. I look forward to continuing our great work together on the board next year.

Bryanna Goecke
President, AdRelief 2018-2020

Thanks from Noriko Gee Kelley

How does your USC experience impact your life today? USC prepared me for the future. I learned the importance of accuracy, research, and the fine art of communication. The lessons I learned were all practical. The people that I met during my Annenberg days became colleagues in the business. I discovered my career path through an internship at the Career Fair. Through hard work and applying the knowledge that I gained from the Annenberg Communication Management program, I was able to rise through the ranks at CBS to have an impactful, fun, and meaningful career.

Have there been USC faculty, staff, alumni who have helped you along the way since graduation? Larry Londre helped me hone my interests in Marketing and learn key theories.

Senior Vice President, Program Planning and Scheduling, CBS

Thanks from Joseph R. Landolph

Dear Larry,

Thank you very much for attending, participating, and presenting. You did a fantastic job! Everyone was very impressed with you and your high level of expertise in Advertising and Marketing.

I remain,

With Best Regards,
Joseph R. Landolph, Jr., Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Molecular Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology
Member, and Faculty Supervisor of the Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB)
Core Support Laboratory
USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center
Keck School of Medicine

Thanks from Brian Hemsworth

Marketing Guru Larry Steven Londre Visits COM 590: Larry Steven Londre is one of L.A.’s smartest marketing minds. Larry and I worked together more than 20 years ago at Grey Advertising in Los Angeles, and since then we’ve had surprisingly similar paths. We both opened our own shops, and we both teach. Larry’s teaching credentials are pretty spectacular, with long stints at USC, CSUN, Loyola, and Pepperdine. Larry came to visit my 590 class, the new capstone course for the IMC major at Pepperdine. Larry shared his insights which were very funny yet very informative. Larry brought a presentation using images from his many trips around the world. He has chronicled his many trips as a (Marketing and Advertising) guest lecturer and business consultant by snapping interesting ads and marketing efforts from dozens of foreign countries. Thanks, Larry, the class loved you!

Brian Hemsworth, Pepperdine IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication)
and Communication classes

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Thanks from Alan L. Friel

Dear Larry,

Re: UCLA Advertising and e-Commerce Law (LAW 213 SEC-1)

I wanted to take a moment to thank your for your participation and contribution to the UCLA Advertising and e-Commerce Law Program this past fall semester. The generosity of your time helped make the class a great success.

I certainly understand how busy you are and am grateful and appreciative of your assistance.

Thank you so much,
Alan L. Friel, Partner
Baker Hostetler

Thanks from Pasha S. Hawthorne

Dear Larry,

Thank you for your wonderful “Confusion between Marketing & Advertising: Why and what difference does it make to Judges and Lawyers” presentation for CLE credit yesterday. It was well-received by our alumni.

Pasha S. Hawthorne
Associate Director
USC Gould School of Law

Thanks from Clayton Greene, USC’s BAEP 453 Venture Management, with Patrick Henry (Clinical Entrepreneur Program)

Thank you for coming in to speak at Marshall about marketing and on Entrepreneurship. Sometimes I fail to realize that the backbone of entrepreneurship is marketing, so it was nice to have an individual of your extensive background come in. With the lessons that you have taught us today, I will be better able to serve my team members and accomplish my goals.

There were a couple of key lessons that I took away from your time. The first was that nothing arouses attention at a meeting like free candy, especially chocolate. Next, never underestimate the power of free in your own marketing capabilities. If you can act as a middleman between the companies who are marketing to you and who you are marketing to, you can incur the benefits of free marketing. Last, never underestimate the importance of finding the right target market, because so many businesses never actually do.

In entrepreneurship, it seems as though the only thing that stays constant is change.

Thus, it is helpful to know what I can do to maximize my efforts and crate some sort of structure for marketing by which I can adhere to. If you are at all curious or have any recommendations in which way my group should go, feel free to contact me, as I will contact you if I have any. My group is the promotional marketing firm. Thanks, again

Clayton Greene

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Thanks from Michael Chung, USC’s BAEP 453 Venture Management (Clinical Entrepreneur Program)

My name is Michael Chung and I wanted to thank you for coming to our class last week in Professor Henry’s class. Learning about marketing from an expert like you was incredibly insightful. I learned the importance of targeting and not aimlessly trying to get our product out there!

My biggest take away from your presentation was when you told us to have a sense of urgency when doing business. When dealing with suppliers or vendors, it is best to under promise and over deliver to keep our credibility as a business. Also, Thomas Jefferson’s quote that “I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it,” really stood out to me. We need to work hard to find ourselves more luck!

I feel privileged to have feedback from you for our CloveLA concept. I still remember what you said about how our business decisions should either build revenue or cut costs. It’s as simple as that. Further, in every team experience I am building my brand so I will also keep that in mind.

Thank you again for your time and thank you for your candle purchase. I hope your family really enjoys it!

Michael Chung

Thanks from Leslie Aaronson, Foshay Tech Academy

Thank you so much for coming to speak with the seniors yesterday. I spoke to a few of the seniors after you left and they had nothing but positive feedback. They were really thinking about the good and bad ads and the connection between art work and copy. I think it really helped them put in their mindset about what they did need to think about as we set out on this project. They are creating their initial creative briefs and beginning the research this coming week.

We will invite you to the final presentations at Ignited at the end of April, 2014.

Thanks again,
Leslie Aaronson

Thanks from past President, American Marketing Association at CSUN


Thanks again for all your effort and support for CSUN AMA! Everyone learned a lot from the “Getting an Interview. Landing a Job. Practical, Insightful, Timely Advice and Counsel for the AMA at CSUN.” panel and we received really great feedback. Thanks so much also for bringing in Cathie Kanuit and Lynnette Ward – you were all fantastic!

Miriam Yong

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Thanks from the American Marketing Association at CSUN

Dear Professor Londre,

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to come and speak to our members at the American Marketing Association at CSUN.

We learned and gained much Marketing knowledge from everything you had to teach us. Your enthusiasm and passion for marketing plus your Nine 9’s which encouraged us. We hope to continue and grow this friendship between the American Marketing Association (AMA) and you!

Thank you again and Best of Luck with your future endeavours.

Looking forward to keeping in touch. We will have you back in February for the Jobs Seminar.

Best Regards,
Miriam Yong, President
Nico Caballo, VP
California State University, Northridge
College of Business and Economics

Thanks from Lauren Rosenblum, JOUR 340

Dear Professor Londre,

In the three years I was an undergrad at USC, I occasionally had a class that I thoroughly enjoyed – not because it was simple, but because the professor taught it so well and genuinely inspired me. At such times, I often wished to express this to them: to let them know that their efforts were appreciated, to affirm they were doing a great job (from the perspective of an interested student).

However, I could never find a moment at which this would be appropriate. It would be inappropriate to do this at the end of class or at the end of the exam, as this could be considered an attempt to get in their good favor simply to get a better grade. Putting it on a student evaluation would not seem to do a lot of good either, as these are held from six months to a year after the course has ended. And to bring it up in conversation or mail with them even later, months after the course has ended…seemed rather odd, as well.

It’s been two years since I took your Spring 2010 Intro to Advertising course at Annenberg, and I find myself more grateful than ever for the lessons you taught me. I want to take this opportunity to finally thank you.

I am currently the Content Manager for Sprouts Farmers Market, a fast-growing corporation in Phoenix, Arizona. My role is to develop the messaging and voice of the brand. I was recently charged with researching the company’s target market, key consumer insights and competition. I have created half a dozen promotions in just a few short months. And last week alone, I wrote 10 radio spots for three different markets.

As you can see, I have been reminded of the many days and nights I spent working to rebrand Jello.

Thank you for teaching real-world actions, theories and concepts. The breadth of knowledge I attained from your class has allowed me to tackle a variety of projects with confidence and great success.

Thank you again for all of the wonderful work you do.

Lauren Rosenblum

Thanks from Taylor Witte, JOUR 340

Thank you again, Larry, for an amazing class. I loved every minute of it and will (and already have!) recommend it to all of my friends who are even remotely interested in Advertising and Marketing. I came in an undecided Freshman, and now I am leaving your class knowing for certain that I would like to pursue a minor in Advertising and possibly transfer to the business school to study marketing. So I just wanted to let you know that this class had a profound effect on me, and I appreciate all you have done for us. Thank you!

Best regards,
Taylor Witte

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“STILL my absolute favorite class at USC.”

Hi Larry,

I hope that you have had a great summer and that this message finds you in good health and high spirits. I have spent the summer delving into a new internship with Disney’s Cable Networks Group. I was at ABC for 2 years doing quantitative research; but, I made the decision to hop over to qualitative work with focus groups and survey testing at Disney and I love it! The department is under the Research umbrella, but more specifically Brand, Strategy, and Marketing Research. I’m so thankful for 340, as I have definitely been about to keep up with any marketing lingo thrown my way and have creative insights to offer about our advertising strategies. So thank you for that! I still give an hour speech to anyone who asks me about taking your class - it is STILL my absolute favorite class at SC.

Thank you so much!

Take care,
Tiffany Wexler

Thanks from Team 16, MKT 100

Professor Londre,

Thank you for a GREAT marketing class!!

All speakers were a great addition to our marketing class. The speakers yesterday have made us more knowledgeable on behavior at interviews and on writing resumes. This process is definitely important because it’s our chance to make a first impression to the job we are applying for and we know we can never get a 2nd chance to make another first impression!

We wanted to let you know that it’s sad that the semester is already coming to an end next week and we also wanted to say that this class was a great experience for all of us!

You’ve been wonderful as our teacher and we hope you have an AWESOME summer this year!

Devin Gharakhanian
Abdel Mahtab
Jeff Tapia
Ester Pak
Stephanie Portillo

Thank you note from Matthew Campos, MKT 304

Good Morning Professor/Mr. Londre,

My name is Matthew Campos. I re-introduced myself to you last night at the LA Film Festival Opening Night Gala. I just wanted to say it was a pleasure seeing you again and that your class (CSUN MKT 304) pretty much taught me and exposed me to the most important aspects I have encountered in my young marketing career. I currently am employed by the Los Angeles Times and conducted my last ad sales project in Westwood (The LA Film Festival). I remember you speaking of your level of involvement with the Westwood community; hence the reason I probably saw you last night.

I do not want to take up too much time in your busy day, but I just wanted to extend my gratitude for the many lessons you taught in your class. I still distinctly remember Mr. Rob Allen (HONDA USA) who came to speak (I even wrote and email to you last year regarding his lecture) and your other colleagues (one from Sit N Sleep, Disney, and the other from SCBA, radio ad sales).

Those guest speakers were a real inspiration and great insight into the “real” world.

Thanks so much for sharing your great work and expertise; I hope to keep in touch and hear from you soon.

Thank you and have a great day.

Matthew Campos
Los Angeles Times, Westside Advertising

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“Larry Londre is a brilliant, experienced professor”

Larry Londre’s JOUR 340 class has been the most memorable class I have taken during my three years at USC. He is incredibly knowledgeable and deeply cares for the well-being and education of his students. His connections in the real world enhance his students’ learning experience; he brings in multiple guest speakers every week and sets up agency tours throughout the semester to give us an opportunity to learn beyond the textbook. It is rare to find a professor who puts in as much time, energy and compassion into teaching as Larry Londre does.

If Professor Londre were not to return next semester, he will truly be missed and his absence will be felt at the Annenberg School. Throughout the semester, I have strongly recommended his course to my peers and spoken highly of him to my classmates.

I do hope you will take my words into consideration. I speak on behalf of my entire JOUR 340 class — Larry Londre is a brilliant, experienced professor of Advertising and I am honored to have taken his class.

Thank you for your time.

Leher Pathak

“Honestly say I learned more practical applicable knowledge in your class than almost any other at USC”

Thank you so much for your comments and praise, I am so proud of my team too. We came a very long way. I can honestly say I learned more practical applicable knowledge in your class than almost any other at USC, so thank you very much for that. I know I will use what I’ve learned in whatever job I end up pursuing in whatever industry I end up selecting. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.

All the best,
Katie Hill

“Letter to Director, Annenberg School for Communication”

June 26, 2003

Dr. Patricia Riley
Annenberg School for Communication

Dear Dr. Patricia Riley,

I am writing to bring to your attention Larry Steven Londre, a professor under whom I recently had the pleasure of studying while a student in Communications 541: Integrated Communication Strategies.

While I have known Larry for only a short time, I have been tremendously impressed by him. A professor in every meaning of the word, Larry is honest, fair, and genuine in his role as an educator. He exhibits extraordinary organizational and leadership abilities and has boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm.

Larry has developed a syllabus, curriculum, and course materials, recruited and coordinated an array of guest speakers, and directed classroom discussions that encapsulate a truly unique experience for his students.

Dr. Riley, I hope the information above helps to describe what an amazing asset Larry is to your school. Educators like him reinforce the prestige of Annenberg’s graduate programs.

David Meizlik
Executive Staff
Office of the President
University of Southern California

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Feedback for Professor Londre’s JOUR 340 Class

“Londre’s JOUR 340 was not just a class. It provided real life experience and examples that tested our creativity and our ability to work in teams. The class allowed the synchrony between contemporary advertising and a student’s progressive way of thinking. It challenged students to look at past and present ways of advertising, and attempting to come up with their own solutions to the changing and fast-paced structure of the world of advertising. It was as though an agency’s thought, creativity, and processes were brought into the classroom, for students to analyze and create their own magic.

By working in teams to come up with creative solutions, students were taken through the process of what it takes to create an advertising campaign—from start to the final product.

A sense of accomplishment was the most satisfying aspect of the class, as well as the allowance to enter the working world of advertising, without actually having to step into an agency.”

Lisa Sanchez-Kennedy
USC, Annenberg School For Communication and Journalism
Fall 2005

Thanks from Paul Castleman, MBA658


I am thankful that you were my strategy teacher. I definitely appreciated the classes and the challenge of the assignments. There were a lot of ways to approach them — a minimalist approach worked for some. For me, I enjoyed digging in past the basic material to find current information which went past the basic case studies. Also, I loved the perspectives that you shared and really appreciated the speaker from Disney. Great perspectives.

I hope Pepperdine maintained a reasonable balance of real world professionals on their part time staff and didn’t swing too far into using the full timers.

Anyway, best of luck to you in all you do.

Paul Castleman
September 2006

Thanks from Grant Toups, Annenberg TA:

Aside from being what can only be called a marketing and advertising expert, Larry is nothing short of a stellar teacher. He ably combines a love of the subject matter with sincere concern for his students into a class that is nothing short of inspirational. Students leave his tutelage with more than a grasp of skills and concepts; they leave with passion and an understanding of the bigger picture.

Grant Toups

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Thanks from Oliver Berbecaru, JOUR 340

“Larry’s class is one of the best classes I’ve had, and it was great having Larry as a professor. When we started the class I was unsure what career I was going to go into. After taking Larry’s class, I know that I want to go into advertisement. If you’re unsure about what classes to take at USC, Larry’s class is definitely a must.

“Thanks to Larry’s guidance and teaching, I was able to do very well on my internship interviews, and landed an awesome internship!”

Thanks from Rose Park, JOUR 340

Fall 2009

It’s strange how the semester went by so quickly, but thank you for making this class as awesome as possible for us! I think our whole class really appreciates all of your time and effort you put into making this class worthwhile and valuable. All of the guest speakers were great, and thank you for your efforts to bring those speakers in and arranging all the trips to the agencies. I wish I could thank all of the professionals who came into class again because they gave such great insight about their work and life in general. Also, I appreciated how they were willing to sacrifice their time to speak to us and look and critique the campaign that we had been working on throughout the semester. I must admit that there was a lot of work required for creating this campaign, but after seeing all the completed works today in class, it was definitely worth it. Thank you again, and I hope you have a great rest of the year!

Best regards,
Rose Park
Roski School of Fine Arts
University of Southern California

Thanks from Andres A. Saavedra, Integrated Marketing 440

Dear Mr. Londre,

Last semester I had the privilege to have you as my professor in the Integrated Marketing Communications class (440) at California State University Northridge. I truly feel that your guidance from day one, the class assignments, tests and team project of creating the advertising plan along with the creative for Mountain Dew Code Red, gave me a most clear picture to effectively start my career in advertising.

I also want to thank you for the time you took to help me with the job hunting process, and the generous letter of recommendation you were nice enough to send my way.

I feel blessed to have gotten a position as an Advertising Account Coordinator for Anita Santiago Advertising Inc., based in Santa Monica; I start February the 11th 2002. I will keep in contact with you and let you know of my progress.

Andres A. Saavedra
February 2002

Thanks from Alan Friel and Michael Puopolo

RE: UCLA – Graduate School of Film, Television & Digital Media

On behalf of myself and my co-instructor, Michael Puopolo, please let me take this opportunity to express belated but heartfelt thanks for your participation in our UCLA course last spring semester. The generosity of your time in presenting the Nine P’s and examples of the confusion between Marketing and Advertising helped make the class a great success, and your remarks were very much appreciated by the class!

I know how busy you are, and am grateful you were able to carve out some time to speak with our students. Thank you so much. Please find enclosed a small token of our appreciation.

Alan L. Friel,
Partner, Baker & Hostetler LLP

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