Featured Quotes of Larry Steven Londre

  • September 2020: Class of 1967 Keeps Connection Going via Zoom
    • Larry Steven Londre, class leader for the Class of 1967, has always done a commendable job of getting his classmates together for “reunion” meals across the southland throughout the year…and the pandemic wasn’t going to stop that tradition!

      Londre has been organizing Class Zooms regularly since March, bringing his fellow Cubs together virtually to stay connected. Fifteen of those classmates even got together on a Zoom call last week to catch up.

      A number of other Loyola classes have been doing the same, including Ken O’Neil ’82 and his classmates from 1982.

      If you would like any help arranging such a “hangout” for you and your classmates, please email the Loyola Alumni office and we’d be happy to provide you with assistance.
  • Keep LA Moving: Let’s Work Together on Widening Lincoln
    Re: “Breaking the Bottleneck,” News, April 5, 2018
    • The Argonaut has done an excellent job of reporting on all of the craziness of L.A. City Councilman Mike Bonin’s road diet mess in Playa del Rey. Say what you want, but the city and Bonin definitely never asked for any suggestions. Bonin didn’t want to listen and really screwed up. It should have been a “two-way” street.

      Now it’s maybe more of the same with Caltrans and the widening of Lincoln Boulevard. I went to the scoping meeting for the project, and it’s too bad the representatives of the contractor, Psomos, were not allowed to go through their slides without being pestered and peppered with questions.

      But what disturbed me more is that the contact person for questions about planning, aesthetics, air quality, design and like is one of the same Caltrans representatives involved in widening the 405 while I was on the Westwood Hills Property Owners Association. He did not take into account the desires and comments of the homeowners.

      Not sure anyone feels that the 405 widening was worth all of the years of slowdown for the gridlock we still have, according to the reports. I do support widening the Lincoln Boulevard Bridge, but hope this time state officials and homeowners will listen to each other. Let’s work together this time.

      – Larry Steven Londre,
      Playa Vista
  • Letter to the Editor, L.A. Times Sports section:
    Lakers off-Season Looking Like An Airball:
    • “Is there a countdown clock for Jim Buss regarding his last day with the Lakers? Seems like the clock is speeding up.”
      – Larry Steven Londre, July 2016
  • “USC Trojan Family”
    Questions & answers with Tommy Trojan & Larry Steven Londre
    • The monkey near the ledge at the USC Student Union – it’s legend and the history with the architect and construction crew with President von KleinSmid. Easily that is Number One in Trojan Family lore.
      – Larry Steven Londre ’71, MBA ’74

      Dear Larry:

      Above the main entrance of the east side of the Student Union is a stone likeness of the USC’s fifth president, Rufus B. von KleinSmid. To his right, a monkey gargoyle thumbs its nose in von KleinSmid’s direction. According to urban legend, architects place the money there to express their sentiments.

      Some say the builders were frustrated over finances; others say they were irritated with von KleinSmid’s comments or his desire to locate the main entrance on what is now known as Trousdale Parkway, contrary to their advice. Thanks to USC’s First Book of Lists and Urban Legends by Figueroa Press.
  • “Trojan Heritage”
    USC Trojan Family’s Mail Bag (Summer 2014), 6/24/2014, from Larry Steven Londre
    • “What a genius he is, and you featured him in the Spring 2014 issue of USC Trojan Family (page 11).

      His work can inspire numerous studies. I worked at DIRECTV, USC and Security Pacific National Bank. He created those logos and more. I used his Why Man Creates, his animated short documentary film in several business classes I taught in both USC Marshall and USC Annenberg Schools.

      Saul really is a “Design Heritage” and an iconic graphic designer. Glad you shared his story.”
      – Larry Steven Londre, BS (Business) ‘71, MBA ‘74
      Playa Vista, California
  • “Ads for a New Era”
    SANTA MONICA DAILY NEWS/smdp.com, 5/21/2012, from Larry Steven Londre
    • “This push for engagement and awareness is part of the new age of advertising,” said Larry Steven Londre, marketing and advertising expert at Londre Marketing Consultants. “Advertising is far more complicated now,” he said. “You still need a good idea, but there's far more clutter and far more advertising vehicles.”
  • “Virtual Shopping” and “Showrooming”
    LOS ANGELES BUSINESS JOURNAL, 2/6/2012, from Larry Steven Londre
    • “Chain stores and retailers want to stop ‘showrooming.’ After viewing and asking questions in the store, comparison shoppers and potential customers go home or back to the office and shop online for the best price. Retailers don’t want their brick-and-mortar stores used as only a showroom. It’s tough and getting tougher in many ways for retailers.”
  • “Product Placement Most Beneficial Way to Step-up Luxury TV Ads”
    LUXURYDAILY.COM, 08/11/2011, featuring Larry Steven Londre
    • “Sometimes, product placement is so overused and obvious.”
    • Bigger is not always better. More is not always better. One thing’s for sure: Product Placement isn’t the “be all and end all.” Product placement is tricky. “If you’re going to do Product Placement, you need to be creative and believable in its execution.”
    • It’s part of the “whole” Marketing, Promotion and Advertising program.
  • “Thanks to the best expert ever!!!”
    Heidi S. Inman, State Bar # 228079
    Partner of Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith LLP
  • “Cal Worthington dies at 92; car dealer known for wacky ‘Dog Spot'’ ads in Southern California”
    LOS ANGELES TIMES and latimes.com, 9/10/2013, from Larry Steven Londre
    • Worthington “was a marketing and advertising genius,” said marketing consultant and teacher Larry Steven Londre, who grew up in Los Angeles appreciating the circus flair of the commercials. “He created what you would call a unique selling proposition. Instead of selling cars he sold a personality.”
  • “Holiday Can Help Business Connect”
    DAILY NEWS, 11/24/2009, by Larry Steven Londre
    • “It should be more about connecting.”
    • “Business owners and others will need to see an opportunity or two to promote their products and services in a way which creates value and generates sales.”
    • “Ideas are best when they generate sales.”
  • Bruce Gridley, State Bar No. 57166
    • Mr. Larry Steven Londre was selected as a Business and Marketing expert to access the importance of images to the consumer. In our cases, the images were posted on products, in a second matter within a catalogue and in a third matter, on commercial signage. Mr. Londre’s opinions focused on the consumer’s impression of the promotion and advertising, how that impression was shaped by the nature of the image, its location and the customer's exposure. We appreciated his ability to perceive and understand the business and marketing issues and understand our litigation objectives, and were impressed by his ability to respond with thoughtful and persuasive analysis.
    • “In our case where the effect on the market of false claims of origin were made by the defendant, Larry Londre was called upon to investigate the impact of those claims. With innovative investigative techniques and a sophisticated understanding of the factors which influence consumers, Larry Londre developed data and an analytical approach for the identification of damages…being able to convince our opponent to settle for an amount which exceeded our initial expectations.”
    • “Larry Steven Londre was retained to analyze the economic impact of the improper images for the damages phase of the case. His report was one of the key reasons why the case settled prior to trial. His enthusiastic investigative efforts and innovative methods of calculating damage were invaluable to our success.” Settled in client’s favor in July 2003.
  • Pepperdine’s Brian Hemsworth IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) and Communication classes
    • Marketing Guru Larry Steven Londre Visits COM 590: Larry Steven Londre is one of L.A.’s smartest marketing minds. Larry and I worked together more than 20 years ago at Grey Advertising in Los Angeles, and since then we’ve had surprisingly similar paths. We both opened our own shops, and we both teach. Larry’s teaching credentials are pretty spectacular, with long stints at USC, CSUN, Loyola, and Pepperdine. Larry came to visit my 590 class, the new capstone course for the IMC major at Pepperdine. Larry shared his insights which were very funny yet very informative. Larry brought a presentation using images from his many trips around the world. He has chronicled his many trips as a (Marketing and Advertising) guest lecturer and business consultant by snapping interesting ads and marketing efforts from dozens of foreign countries. Thanks, Larry, the class loved you!
  • Jonathan Pink State Bar No. 179685
    • “We prevailed on the first phase of the trial (i.e. your analysis and insights on the meaning of ‘gross media’), and plaintiff settled the next day. A very good result for us. Thanks again for your help.”
  • NEWS – Westwood Hills Property Owners Association Newsletter Fall 2004
    • Recently I was talking with WHPOA president, Carole Magnuson, about all of the neighborly things that have come out of the last two Cashmere, Tilden & Montana Neighbor Block Parties. Our goals were met: “get neighbors to chat. Let’s meet and greet each other in our neighborhood.”

      We now have a weekly Wednesday Night Walkers at UCLA, dinner parties and other neighborly get-togethers. People wave to each other as they walk their dogs or wash cars. We had two families who lived across from each other on Cashmere for more than 20 years talk and introduce themselves. Amazing how small the neighborhood becomes.

      Here’s a little about the block party. We had a few founding families: (Patti & Larry Londre, Dana & Don Lumpkin, Linda Trozzolino, Susan & Bill Armistead, Margie & Peter Morgan, Asa & Steven Tucker, Bill & Evelyn Savage) who were the core planning and producing group. Then we invited everyone using emails, signs, posters and this newsletter.

      Another goal was to not spend money and to have no costs for entrance by hosting it potluck. It seems everyone wants to be part. Neighbors loaned tables and coffee pots, brought name tags, hot dogs, enchiladas, brownies, salads, fruit and vegetable dips, soft drinks lemonade and more. Music comes from a CD player. And a tent shaded our driveway – very comfortable.

      Think about a party that you don’t have to drive to, this spring or summer? One of the most important things is to get the word out.

      A sample of our flyer is posted under “Files” on the WHPOA group’s website. We’ve already picked our date for June 2005. Our Cashmere, Tilden, Montana Block party is scheduled for Sunday, June 12th from Noon to 4PM.

      See you there.
  • John Hourihan, State Bar No. 99799
    • “I was defending a large income loss claim brought by an independent film director and producer. Larry Londre provided me with advertising and other industry measures that enabled me to argue that the loss claim was significantly inflated. Larry also provided suggestions of how the plaintiff could get back into the business, such as through buying advertising. I found Larry Steven Londre quite helpful.”
  • “Thrift Stores/Secondhand Stores”
    LOS ANGELES BUSINESS JOURNAL, 2/26/2012, by Larry Steven Londre
    • I wish second hand or thrift stores were better merchandised. They always look cluttered and with “scrambled” merchandise.
    • What I like going into more are 99 cents stores because there are always surprises in store. I would suggest to my students at USC, Pepperdine and CSUN in marketing and advertising to go into a wide variety of stores, such as the Apple stores, Costco, 99 Cents, and others.
    • And one more idea: Go into grocery stores and retailers in every foreign country you visit. You learn a lot by going in and observing the stores and shoppers in Vietnam, Cuba, Egypt, South Africa and India.
  • “Today’s Ads Can Sneak Up on You”
    LOS ANGELES BUSINESS JOURNAL, 1/13/2009, by Larry Steven Londre
    • Research has discovered that the average consumer fails to remember ads 24 hours later, and it is reported that this level is at its lowest level in history as many folks ignore ads altogether. The net result is that advertisers are now paying more to get less.
    • What has resulted is the marketing and media practice of jolting target audiences. The practice involves nipping away at traditional media and tucking promotional messages into some surprise spots.
  • From A-minus at CSUN to $20 Million
    DAILY NEWS and CSUN.edu 8/21/2009
    • Larry Steven Londre, a marketing consultant who teaches at CSUN and USC, likened Zaya’s story to FedEx founder Fred Smith’s. Legend has it that Smith received a C for a Yale term paper describing an overnight delivery service. "“ou either have this in your DNA or you don’t,” Londre said.

      Londre, by the way, was not the CSUN instructor who gave Zaya his A-minus. Zaya said he forgets that professor’s name; maybe that’s lucky for the prof.

      In the business world, Zaya and Staszower have more than made the grade.
  • “How to Create a Marketing Strategy.”
    LOS ANGELES BUSINESS JOURNAL, 8/26/2008, by Larry Steven Londre
    • My wife and I recently took a trip to Eastern Europe; and if you’re like me, you take your work with you. As a marketing veteran, I see examples of marketing, advertising and media wherever I go and use these in the classroom and with my clients. Here’s a recommendation: make your marketing, advertising and promotion different than your competitors. Be unique with your product mix. Successfully position your product by looking at product attributes, benefits, quality/price, high tech and high touch.
  • “Londre has been an enormously responsible, dependable, and most worthy leader in the Los Angeles Advertising and Marketing communities.”
    12/03/2003, John Marin, Senior TIME Incorporated, former president of the Advertising Club of Los Angeles and frequent guest speaker in Londre’s USC, Pepperdine and CSUN Marketing and Advertising classes.
    • As we have long been part of community-based Boards or committees, have known Larry Steven Londre well for more than twenty years. During all that time, he has been an enormously responsible, dependable, and most worthy leader in the Los Angeles advertising and marketing communities.

      Most notably, he has been singularly the leader in a major internship program sponsored by the Advertising Club of Los Angeles. Mr. Londre has had a real role in the placing of nearly 1,000 (actual count 993) students in start-up, paid positions in advertising. He has served for many years on the Ad Club Board, and on the Advertising Industry Emergency Fund (AIEF), which provides financial aid for those who truly require help.

      Mr. Londre has been very constructively involved as a teacher at the University of Southern California, Pepperdine University and CSUN (California State University, Northridge) where he has involved a number of others (including me) as part of panels on students finding a job. Previous to that, he also held executive positions at Grey Advertising (one of the very eminent international advertising agencies), and he spent seven productive years at the Music Center.

      I consider Larry Steven Londre one of the involved, caring, thoughtful and intelligent members of the Los Angeles business community.

      I also consider him a valued friend, as do many others.